Irén Annus

Position: Associate Professor

Office: Room 127, Petofi Building
Office phone: +36 62 343 213
Office hours: Tuesday 10-11
Home page; e-mail:iannus at


Education & Degrees:

2000 Ph.D. in American Literature and Culture (summa cum laude)
            University of Szeged, Szeged, Hungary
            Dissertation title: The Constitution of Mormon Identity
1989 M.A. in English, American and Altaic Stud­ies
            Attila József Univer­sity, Szeged, Hungary
            Thesis title: Ethnicity and Assimilation: Hungarian Im­migration to the US, 1921-31
1989 Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language
            Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

Research Areas:

Identity Studies with a focus on gender and race/ethnicity; Iconology with a focus on 19th-century American painting; Religious Studies with a focus on Mormonism.

Selected Publications (for a detailed list of publications click HERE):


Federmayer, Eva, Szollosy, Judit and Annus, Iren. Netting America: Introduction to American Culture and Literature. Ministry of Education,Hungary. E-book, 2006.

Social Realities in the Making: The Structuration of Society and the Constitution of American Identity. Szeged: JATEPress, 2005.

Blacks in the American Nation? Testimonies of 19th-century Genre Paintings. Romanian Journal of English Studies. Timisoara: Universitatii de Vest, 2007, Vol. 4. 6-14.

New Studies in Mormonism. Nova Religio 9: 4(May 2006), 98-111.

From Labor to Leisure: The Landscape Experience and the Constitution of the American Middle Class, 1820-1860. Romanian Journal of English Studies. Timisoara: Universitatii de Vest, 2006, Vol. 3. 17-27.

Subversion through the Quilt? Mormon Auto/bio-histories from the Domestic. In: Barát, Erzsébet (ed). Spaces in Transition. Szeged: JATEPress, 2005, 11-26.

“How does it feel to be a problem?” Race and Ethnicity in Contemporary American Society. Americana (E-journal) 1(2005):1.

Barbara West and Iren Annus. Hungarians. In Ember, Carol R. and Melvin Ember (eds). Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender: Men  and Women in the World’s  Cultures. Vol. 1. New York: Kluwer/Plenum, 2004, 475-486.

Prospective courses:

Gender and 19th-century American Culture - Mapping Identities

American women, painting and painted, in the 19th century - Gender and the Victorian Social Landscape in the US


Deputy director, Institute of English and American Studies, University of Szeged (2009-)
Chair, Curriculum Committee, Institute of English and American Studies, University of Szeged (2010-)
Chair, MA Thesis Committee, Institute of English and American Studies, University of Szeged (2007-)
Secretary General, Hungarian Association for American Studies (HAAS) (2007-)

Current grants:

TAMOP, Hungarian Ministry of Education (2010-2012)
Gender Studies Research Group (researcher)

Athena 4, European Commission (2010-)




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