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Éva Federmayer

Position: Associate Professor (ELTE); Part-time

e-mail: federmayer.eva at   


Education & Degrees:

M.A. in English and Hungarian Language-Literature, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest 1974;
Ph.D. in American Literature from the Hungarian Academy of Letters and Science, Budapest 1996;
Postgradual Studies as Special Student: University of Bridgeport, Connecticut (1974-75); Yale University (1975); University of Minnesota, St. Paul-Minneapolis (1980-81)

Research Areas: gender studies, critical race studies, African American literature and culture, jazz as a cultural discourse, American women writers, cultural studies.

Selected Publications
Netting America: Introduction to the Culture and Literature of the United States
(Budapest, 2006; e-textbook sponsored by the European Union and the National Development Fund as part of the structural and contextual development of higher education in Hungary. HEFOP-3.3.1-P.-2004-09-0134/1.0). Edited and co-authored with Iren Annus and Judith Sollosy.

Psychoanalysis and American Literary Criticism. Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, 1983, pp. 67.

“What’s Performance Got to Do With It? Interview with Jane Desmond about Performance Studies, Cultural Studies and American Studies.” Americana,Vol. III, Issue 1, Spring 2007.

“Octavia Butler’s Maternal Cyborgs: The Black Female World of the Xenogenesis Trilogy.” Anatomy of Science Fiction. Ed. Donald E. Morse. Cambridge Scholars Press, 2006.

“American Studies in Hungary,” European Journal of American Studies, 2006 at

“The Representation of Race and Gender in Douglass Sirk’s Imitation of Life.” Spaces and Transitions. Papers in English and American Studies XII. Szeged, JATE Press, 2005, 27-32.

“The Passing Plot and Contemporary Post-Passing Narratives: Caucasia and Suture.  HUSSE Papers 2003. University of Debrecen, 2004, 171-181.

“Primal Scenes of Encounter: Stradanus, Nick Caraway and American Studies Methodology.”  Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies (Debrecen, KLTE), 7/1 (2001), 95-109.

“Octavia Butler’s Maternal Cyborgs: The Black Female World of the Xenogenesis Trilogy.” Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies (Debrecen, KLTE), 6/1 (2000), 103-118.

"The Negro Woman: Old and New." Remembering the Individual / Regional / National Past.  Ed. Waldemar Zacharasiewicz. Tübingen: Stauffenburg Verlag, 1999, 159-170.

"Polgári Lakáskultúra és ezredfordulós nőiesség. Elmélkedés a magyar lakáskultúra-
beszédmódról." /Gendered Spaces and Discourses in the Contemporary Hungarian Home Design Magazines/. Replika  (1999 április), 105-115. /     

"A Call to Higher Service and Nobler Life:" Frances Ellen Watkins Harper's
Iola Leroy, or Shadows Uplifted."  Alternative Approaches to English­-Language-Cultures in  the Nineteenth Century.  Ed. Nóra Séllei. Debrecen: Kossuth Lajos University, 1999, 50-57.

"Black Woman and the Reconstruction of the Black Family:
Jessie Fauset's There is Confusion." Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies, (Debrecen, KLTE), 2/1 (1996), 93-103.
Current Research Projects: American discourses of race; jazz as a cultural discourse.

Awards & Honors:
Research fellowships: IREX, ACLS, USIS, Free University /Berlin/ Fellowship, and Fulbright at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia; Indiana University, Bloomington; Kennedy Institute, Berlin; University of Iowa, Iowa City, and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

She participated in various postgraduate programs and seminars in Europe and the USA, such as the Salzburg Seminar, the Stuttgart Seminar, the Pulawy Seminar and The School of Criticism and Theory at Dartmouth College.

Co-Chair of the American Association for American Studies (HAAS) from 2003 to 2007;
On the editorial board of Americana, the electronic journal published by the University of Szeged;
On the board of László Országh Award (2000-2005),
Acting director of the American Studies Ph.D. Program of Eötvös Loránd University (2002, 2004),
Director of the postgraduate English Teacher Training Program, Department of American Studies, ELTE, Budapest (1993-98).



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