Training, Translation and Touring in Venice


Training, Translation, and Touring in Venice (5-19 July, 2014, Venice) is a multidisciplinary programme coordinated by Università Statale di Milano in partnership with the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari, the University of Warwick and the University of Szeged. The course aims to make sense of Venice’s unique multilayered environment, its interweaving of urban and natural landscapes, of traditional heritage and (post)modern realities. Students will learn to interpret this complexity from various methodological viewpoints focusing on translation as a means cross-cultural encounters. The programme includes Modules on Construction of the Self in/by Ethnographic Interviewing, Polylingual Writing and Self-translation, Gaps, silence and transcodification  in cinema and theatre, Literary Translation as a means Cross-Cultural Encounters and Language Philosophical Investigations, and Gendering Translation. Throughout ‘peripatetic lessons’ locals and experts will lead students through landscapes with multiple significance, from “Disneyland Venice” to lesser known areas of the city and the lagoon, including the multilingual Ghetto and  a visit to San Pietro. The programme offers Workshops on Interactive Translation, Theatre Translation, Dramaturgy and Storytelling Skills, Lectures on Contemporary Images of Venice in North American Travel Writing, Venice in Harold Pinter's play and its Italian translations, as well as Roundtables on ‘Translating and editing as a profession' and on Translation as Cultural Encounter. Besides ICT Exploitation Workshops (Translating into Digital; Disseminating Cultural Heritage through Digital Humanities, Translation as (Multi)Media Transposition and Adaptation) Masterclasses with Theatre Experts discuss the Commedia dell’Arte’s multilinguism and body language, the various ambiguities of a Venetian lawyer onstage (Goldoni vs Harlequin), and the comedy of language in the theater of the Venetian Renaissance and beyond. Students will also record and interpret interviews with people of the local community of  San Pietro and tourists in San Marco Square or Rialto, will prepare portfolios containing daily diary entries, photographic and creative writing material, as well as a final multilingual monologue.