Workshop on Feminism and Islam

Notice: The workshop will be rescheduled to a Fall date, the details will be announced latter.

With a growing number of MA and PhD students from North Africa and the Middle East, TNT is planning to design a course on the relationship between Feminism, Women’s Activism and Islam. We have invited Dr Nadia Jones-Gailani to run a workshop on how she has designed a couple of similar courses and on the broader context of from where the ideas come, and why these are part of a broader feminist discourse.

Public Lecture by Dr Béatrice Laurent

Our next guest presenting in the TNT Public Lecture Series is Professor of Victorian Studies, Dr Béatrice Laurent, from the Bordeaux Montaigne University (Bordeaux, France). Her lecture “Sleeping Beauties in Victorian Britain: Cultural, Artistic and Literary Explorations of a Myth” will be held on April 18, 2018 at 5 p.m. in the Faculty’s Conference Room. For more details see the event’s flyer.

Doktori védés (Tóth Andrea)

A TNT Kutató Csoport örömmel hívja meg a kar oktatóit és hallgatóit Tóth Andrea PhD értekezésének védésére 2017. november 10-én, 12:00-kor a Kari Konferencia teremben.

A dolgozat címe: Elmozduló jelentések: A feminista irodalomkritika fogalmainak újragondolása az Éjszakai állatkert és a Szomjas oázis recepciójának tükrében