Core Members

Name: Annus, Irén
Position: Associate Professor
Contact: Petőfi 127 | iannus@lit.u-szeged.hu | phone | website
Degree: PhD (Doctoral School of Literature, University of Szeged, , 2000, The Structuration of Mormon Identity)
Research area: American cultural history (American art and visual culture), identity studies (gender studies, Mormon studies, ethnic and racial studies)
Publications: MTMT

Name: Barát, Erzsébet
Position: Associate Professor & Convener of the Gender Studies MA Program
Contact: Ady 3303 | zsazsa@lit.u-szeged.hu | +36 62 544 526
Degree: PhD (Doctoral School of Social Linguistics, University of Lancaster, 2000, A Relational Model of Identity: Negotiating (non-oppressive) relations of power in (researching) Hungarian women’s life narratives)
Professorships: Käthe Leichter Guest Professor in Gender Studies, Universität Wien, Austria, 2013
Research area: critical studies of discourse; language ideology and power; theories of sexuality and gender; feminist media studies; queer linguistics, sexual citizenship
Publications: MTMT

Name: Kérchy, Anna
Position: Associate Professor
Contact: Ady 3303 | akerchy@ieas-szeged.hu | +36 62 544 526 | website
Degree: PhD, Dr Habil, DEA (PhD in Literature, University of Szeged, 2007, title: Body-Texts in Angela Carter’s Novel Trilogy: Feminist Grotesque Bodies, Fictional Identities, and Somatized Narratives; Doctoral habilitation in Literature and Culture, University of Debrecen, 2016, title: Alice in Transmedia Wonderland: Postmodern Configurations of Victorian Fantasy; DEA [Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies] d’Histoire et Sémiologie du Texte et de l’Image,  Université Paris VII Sorbonne, France, 200, Le symbole de l’oeil dans l’oeuvre de Georges Bataille)
Grants: 2014-2017 János bolyai Research Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Postmodern Configurations of Victorian Fantasy); 2017 Senior Book Award of HUSSE for Alice inTransmedia Wonderland.
Research area: literary theory, gender studies, body studies, Victorian, 20th c. and contemporary literature, children’s/YA literature, the fantastic imagination and fairy tales
Publications: MTMT | academia.edu

Name: Kocic-Zámbó, Larisa
Position: Senior Assistant Professor
Contact: Office Ady 3303 | larisa@ieas-szeged.hu | +36 62 544 526 | website
Degree: PhD (Doctoral School of Literature, University of Szeged, 2012, Protean Vicissitude in Erasmus and Milton)
Research area: Early Modern women writers and religious poetry and prose, theories of popular culture, fandom and comics studies
Publications: MTMT | academia.edu

Name: Kovács, Ágnes Zsófia
Position: Associate Professor
Contact: Petőfi 128 | akovacs@lit.u-szeged.hu | +36 62 34 32 14 | website
Degree: PhD, Dr. Habil, (PhD in Literature, University of Szeged, 2004, title: The power of the imagination: A contextual model of understanding in Henry James; Habilitation in Literature and Culture, University of Debrecen, 2011, title: The social function of the American author: Nonfiction by James and Wharton)
Grants: 2008-2012 János Bolyai Research Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Travel Writing by James and Wharton), 2017 Beinecke Library Visiting Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Yale University (Edith Wharton’s Travel Writing).
Research area: theories of narrative, theories of writing travel, late 19th c, 20th c. and contemporary US literature, popular literature, multicultural literatures, US travel writing.
Publications: mtmt | academia.edu

Name: Tóth, Andrea
Position: Affiliated Member
Contact: email | webpage
Degree: PhD (Doctoral School of Literature, University of Szeged, 2017, “Elmozduló jelentések: A feminista irodalomkritika fogalmainak újragondolása az Éjszakai állatkert és a Szomjas oázis recepciója tükrében”)
Research area: poststructuralist theories of the subject, French feminist theory of Julia Kristeva, Luce Irigaray and Helene Cixous, the theory of performativity of gender by Judith Butler, and the rhizomatics of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari
Publications: MTMT

Name: Tóth, Zsófia Anna
Position: Senior Assistant Professor
Contact: Petőfi 127 | tothzsofianna@gmail.com | +36 62 543 213 | website
Degree: PhD (Doctoral School of Literature, University of Szeged, 2010, “The Merry Murderers: The Farcical (Re)Figuration of the Femme Fatale in Maurine Dallas Watkins’ Chicago (1927) and its various adaptations”)
Research area: representation of female aggression and violence in American literature and film, women’s humor (especially the work(s) of Mae West)
Publications: MTMT | academia.edu


Affiliated Members

Name: Butterfield, Nicole
Position: Affiliated member
Contact: nicolebutterfield@gmail.com
Degree: PhD in Comparative Gender Studies (CEU, 2014, “LGBT Advocacy at the Intersection of Transnational and Local Discourses of Sexual Identity, Human Rights, and the Struggle for Citizenship Rights in Croatia”)
Research area: sexualities and activism, sexual citizenship, human rights, feminist theorizations of identity and collectivity, sexualities and geography
Publications: academia.edu

Name: Farkas, Zita
Position: Independent Researcher
Contact: ztfrks13@gmail.com
Degrees: PhD in Women Studies (Centre for Women’s Studies, University of York, “The Reception of Jeanette Winterson’s Work—The Manufacture of a Contemporary British Writer”)
Research area: contemporary women’s writing, theories of authorship, queer literary theory, feminist film theory and digital literary studies
Publications: academia.edu

Name: Federmayer, Éva
Position: Independent Scholar
Contact: federmayer.eva@gmail.com
Degrees: PhD (1994, The New Negro Woman: Jessie Fauset and Nella Larsen); Habilitation (Eötvös Loránd University, 2017)
Research area: African American literature, American women writers, feminist ecocriticism, jazz studies
Publications: MTMT

Name: Joó, Mária
Position: lecturer at ELTE (Faculty of Social Sciences, Gender Studies MA), retired prof. at ELTE (Faculty of Humanities, Department of Philosophy)
Contact: joo.maria49@gmail.com | website
Degrees: PhD (1996, New Aspects in Plato’s Theory of Eros: philosophy and sex/gender [in German]); Habilitation (ELTE, 2009)
Research area: philosophy of love/eros, gendered political and moral philosophy, 20th-century existentialism and phenomenology, especially Simon de Beauvoir, literature and philosophy, science fiction
Publications: PDF

Name: Koller, Nóra
Position: Lecturer of English, University of Coimbra, Portugal
Contact: nora.koller@univie.ac.at
Degree: MA Media Studies (2018), MA English with a Specialization in Gender Studies (2005), University of Szeged; doctoral school: Gender Initiativkolleg Gender, Violence and Agency in the Era of Globalization, University of Vienna (2010-2013)
Research area: transgender representation, affect theory, digital masculinities
Publications: https://univie.academia.edu/NoraKoller

Name: Vasvári, Louise O.
Position: Affiliated Member, Professor Eremerita (Cultural Analysis and Theory at the Stony Brook University, New York & Adjunct Professor (Linguistics) at New York University
Contact: louise.vasvari@stonybrook.edu | lov2@nyu.edu
Degree: PhD in Romance Languages
Research area: Cultural Studies, Language and Gender, Holocaust Studies, Premodern Literature, Romance Literatures

Visiting scholars

Maria Kecskemeti

Former visiting scholars:

Donald E. Hall  | Louise O. Vasvári | Cari M. Carpenter | Bolemant Lilla