‘A Language for the Dis/Possessed’ Workshop

TNT is honoured and happy to host Dr. Andrea Zittlau from the American Studies Department, University of Rostock, Germany. Andrea is a scholar, a poet, and a performance artist, who is going to run a Workshop for our students interested in Gender Studies, entitled The Language for the Dis/possessed.

Time and venue: May 15-17, 2019 (Wednesday-Thursday-Friday), from 1 to 5 pm, Room III (Faculty of Arts building).

Sometimes we have something to say but lack the language to express our concerns, desires, opinions. At other times, we open our mouths and had no idea that we had housed a scream. This workshop aims to provide a language, a way of communicating disaster, crisis and joy, to give voice to those who need to be heard and sometimes that voice is silence. Departing from poetry and writing, we will involve our bodies, the spaces around us and anything else we can find to ask questions rather than looking for answers. We will learn to navigate discomfort and map the unknown. Please come in comfortable clothing and bring pen and paper.

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